We conduct dozens of consultations every year and many of them have an equalities aspect. This site is to enable organisations engaged in equalities issues to give their official, organisational response to our consultations.

If you want to give your official organisational view, you need to register in the name of your organisation. When you register you can choose which aspects of equalities your organisation is interested in. And you can then choose to be email-alerted to new consultations according to those interests.

This is not a public site. The contents are only viewable if you have registered on the site.

We will also use your registration-information to compile a list of contacts for equalities organisations, who we may contact about equalities-related council initiatives.

More than one person within your organisation can register to speak for your organisation. We ask you to ensure that only one person provides the comments on a consultation so it is clear what the official view of your organisation is.

Anyone can also register as an individual, to give their personal views on our consultations, at our sister site.

For more information about this, contact Hannah Batts by phone on 01275 884 733 or by email.